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Todd Wilson
Cover Letter

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To whom it may concern:

I am currently a senior at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa and will graduate in June with a double major in Secondary Education and Physical Education. I am excited to begin my coaching and physical education teaching career, and would love to do so in the Kansas City, Missouri area.

This fall, I completed my student teaching at Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. While there, I was able to learn from the challenges that I was presented with, and therefore develop into a thought-provoking, motivating, and inspiring teacher. The experience of working with a diverse student body quickly taught me the skills needed to adjust to many different types of students. Many students needed me to be more disciplinary, while others simply needed a smile or a point in the right direction. Once I was able to learn the needs of each student, I was able to give students the opportunity to learn to their fullest potential. My cooperating teacher describes me as someone who demonstrates self-confidence, poise, energy, and enthusiasm for teaching. My supervising professor stated that my body language, facial expressions, and voice variance demonstrated my excitement for teaching. Interacting with other teachers was another great experience for me. A young teacher can learn a great amount by listening to those who have already gone through many of the same experiences.

During the summer of 1999, I had a unique opportunity that I will carry with me the rest of my life. I was selected as part of the Camp Adventure team. As a part of Camp Adventure, I was sent to the U.S. Army base in Bamberg, Germany. While there, I helped organize and plan ten weeks of a day camp for middle school children who had parents in the Army. This wonderful experience taught me much about the lives of young children in this circumstance and the additional stress and anxiety they are forced to endure. It is such an amazing feeling to change a crying middle school boy whose father just left for Kosovo, into an enthusiastic young man who must now be the one to look over his younger sister.

With the experiences that I have been given the opportunity to take part in, I strongly believe I would be an asset to your school district. I would sincerely enjoy being able to discuss the experiences that have given me the ability and personality to become a successful and dynamic teacher. I have requested my credentials be sent to you and will call you to be sure you have received all the necessary materials.


Todd Wilson

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